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On Meeting Your Critical Needs

Any service agreement covering parking, access and revenue control must meet your critical needs; ideally, such an agreement should include pricing by fixed contract or pre-determined hourly rate, rapid response for parts and repairs, preventive maintenance and, lastly, attentive service.

What’s Best is when the service provider has a realistic understanding of your responsibilities; for example, management insistence on maintaining budget control while holding downtime to a minimum. In short, the service provider must view the service agreement as an essential lifeline, which demonstrates your effectiveness in risk management.

What’s Best:

  • Is our management team at Richard N. Best Associates with more than 100 years combined experience as systems integrators in the parking, access and revenue control industry.
  • Is our attitude concerning service that begins the moment a service call is answered; team reaction is immediate at every possible level as our technician diagnoses and solves service problems.
  • Is a thorough understanding of industry equipment;
  • Is our extensive product line reflecting the finest equipment from more than 35 manufacturers including Federal APD and IDenticard.
  • Is our people; particularly the service technicians, highly professional craftsmen trained on the most current diagnostic repair equipment and carefully schooled in the manner of guild apprentices.

To learn more, please read Choosing a Service Provider (PDF).


The Best Service Plan

The Best Plan is a comprehensive maintenance service agreement tailored to meet your company’s individual needs. We review your individual situation and make a recommendation based upon your principal concerns; whether it’s a full service plan, a preventive maintenance service plan, or time and materials, you can count on us to be there with quick response and quick resolution.

For more detailed information, please read: Your Maintenance Service Agreement (PDF).

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