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Skills to keep your operation running smoothly.

    Avert problems with good planning and troubleshooting. We analyze your situation and suggest ways to avoid downtime. If repairs are needed, we’re on site quickly. When we are working on your project, we stay flexible as part of the team, working to keep your job on track and on schedule.



Minimum 100% effort.

    We do whatever it takes to get every job done well, exceeding the expectations of our clients. Little wonder 98 percent of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.



Service Minded.

    From the moment a service call is placed, our entire company becomes involved at every level; diagnosing and solving a service problem is a team effort. To have replacement parts ready, we store a large inventory at our warehouse and carry a wide variety of parts in each service vehicle. 




    Our management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the parking and access control industry. Since 1972, we’ve serviced more than 1,000 clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware




    Combine people you can trust, equipment you can count on, fair pricing, and service in a flash…that’s reliability, which keeps your business up and running smoothly.




    We’re active members of the PARC Distributor Group, composed of select parking professionals from the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. PARC serves as a forum for ideas and resources on the cutting edge of industry developments. Members are the most knowledgeable professionals in the parking, access and revenue control industry. 



Understanding of industry equipment.

    Our representatives know industry equipment like the back of their hands. From technical planning and engineering to our service team, we are continuously upgrading our skills and knowledge. In fact, leading manufacturers recruit our experts to serve on advisory task forces to review equipment and guide them in the development of new products



Begin promptly, complete promptly.

    We understand the importance of working quickly and efficiently…and we realize smooth operations are equally important to all of our customers. Large or small, we understand the importance of keeping your business operational





Never put off to tomorrow what we can do today. When service is needed, our technicians are on the job in one to three hours. Over a one-year period, our average service response time was a speedy 1.5 hours. You can count on us to be there when you need us.




    Finding custom solutions to problems is all in a day’s work. A few examples: we’ve created specialized exit memory packages for gate and overhead door controls, van identification and usage packages, power interrupt alarms for audit controls and special system interfaces. We invite you to challenge us to demonstrate our resourcefulness and solve your particular parking, access and revenue control issues



Impeccable integrity.

    It’s well known in our industry that we adhere to the highest ethical standards in all situations. Our reputation is built on our uncompromising integrity. No exceptions.




    Whether you’re protecting intellectual property in an aerospace laboratory or protecting people in an assisted living facility, there is no need to worry about bringing our personnel into your secure facility. And your company’s trade secrets are safe with us; we respect your confidentiality. 




    When we bid on a project, you can count on a fair price. You’ll know what the costs are up front…and we stand by our estimates.

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