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Green Parking

In the competitive parking industry, managers need to optimize efficiency at every turn. Now, exciting new products make it easier to both streamline your operation and prepare your facility for the next generation of sustainable mobility. Whether trimming lighting costs, streamlining traffic flow, reducing idle times, or providing green electric car chargers, Richard N. Best Associates provides a full range of product options. This enables your facility to use less electricity, enhance the customer experience, reduce onsite emissions and provide the convenient green options that customers demand — all while trimming your bottom line.


Cashierless Terminals Reduce Pollution

Automatic Cashiering Terminals allow customers who are performing cashless transactions to breeze through the exit gate with nearly no waiting. Cashierless terminals accept multiple forms of payment through a single slot, streamlining the customer experience, and facilitating traffic flow. Remember: Less idling at the gate translates into reduced fuel usage and lower emissions from each tailpipe.


TransCore: AVI Speeds Traffic Flow, Cuts Vehicle Emissions

AVI systems from TransCore (Automatic Vehicle Identification) allow customers to roll through gates with only a small AVI sticker to identify their vehicle. Behind the scenes, TransCore's AVI components interface with existing networks and software, helping managers to administer fees automatically. Customers enjoy the convenience and security of rolling past the gates, and reduced vehicle emissions enhance the experience of other customers in the facility.


Recharge Power: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging units from Recharge Power fulfill rapidly increasing customer demand for electric car chargers. Advanced features, including GPS, networking, and monitoring capabilities ensure that electric vehicle customers will be able to easily locate, utilize and pay for their experience at the charging station with ease. Recharge Power units are designed seamlessly integrate with your current revenue control system so that customers simply pay for their usage alongside their parking fee. Automatic safety controls protect your customers, staff, and assets.


Limelight: Intelligent, Energy-Efficient Lighting

LimeLight, the first product brought to market by TwistHDM, utilizes high-density mesh technology in a wireless solution to provide the new standard for energy-efficient lighting in parking garages. The result is pleasing, consistent and uniform lighting that improves visibility and security while slashing electricity use by up to 65%. Motion sensors create an intelligent network that dims lights in the absence of activity, and increases light when motion is detected. Components in Limelight systems are engineered to last, meaning less hardware replacement. Once you've installed a Limelight system, your savings begin to increase exponentially.


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