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At Richard N. Best Associates, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of advancing technologies and the latest products for parking, access and revenue control systems. In Best Ideas, we share our favorite products and equipment innovations. This Best Idea originally appeared in 2009.

MySpot 200

Need to make sure your parking space is reserved?

One Best Idea is MySpot 200, a remote-controlled barrier designed to protect individual parking spaces against unauthorized use. The device uses radio remote control and the energy from the car's weight to power the barrier.

No wiring or trenching is required. MySpot 200 is surface-mounted using seven anchor bolts. A built-in mechanism absorbs collisions and other acts of vandalism to protect the barrier and the attachment to the roadway.

My Spot 200

Here’s how it works:
  • In your absence, a 15-inch raised barrier protects your parking spot.

  • MySpot 200 provides you with a small radio remote control – one of the buttons on the transmitter is programmed to control the barrier protecting your individual parking space.

  • As you approach the space, press the button on the remote control much like you would activate a garage door opener. Using gravity, the barrier will drop from its vertical blocking position to a horizontal position.

  • After the barrier has fallen, MySpot 200 becomes a low-profile speed bump. Your car easily drives over the barrier, compressing the spring in the process.

  • Once you are in your parking spot, the barrier stays lowered until you leave the space.

  • After you drive out of the space, raise the barrier to reserve your parking space during your absence. Just press the pre-set button on your remote control transmitter and the barrier will rise using the stored energy in the spring.

For more information on the innovative MySpot 200 remote-controlled barrier, call Richard N. Best Associates at 215.945.9240 or send an email to


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