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At Richard N. Best Associates, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of advancing technologies and the latest products for parking, access and revenue control systems. In Best Ideas, we share our favorite products and equipment innovations. This Best Idea originally appeared in 2011.


If we were to tell you that a majority of parking garages as they exist today are either inadequately lit, pose a safety concern, are highly inefficient, and/or are energy hogs, it would come as no shock.

One Best Idea is LimeLight, the first product brought to market by TwistHDM, which utilizes high density mesh technology in a wireless solution to provide the new standard for energy-efficient lighting in parking garages.

You can expect:


    The output of light by LimeLight is unsurpassed in consistency and uniformity. LimeLight’s ?xtures produce an exceptional color rendering of 80+. High color rendering translates to a pleasing experience, both to the customer’s eye and to their sense of safety. Design of the LimeLight fixture creates a min/max ration that won’t blind your patrons – instead, it complements the overall aesthetics of the garage.

    Red flashing lights + active lighting + immediate notifiction to security + proactive movement tracking = SUPERIOR SAFETY. Statistics claim that over 40 percent of all assaults take place in parking garages or parking lots. LimeLight’s flashing red dots tell assailants they are entering an intelligent garage. Lights ignite as anyone moves through the garage, and LimeLight notifies security personnel within seconds of any lights-out scenario. In addition. LimeLight’s motion sensors can track and report unusual movement activity.

    Where do all the dollars go? LimeLight keeps maintenance expenses under control, reducing ballast life, lamp life and labor costs: Metal halide ballasts are rated at a life of just under seven years while Limelight’s ballast life is nearly 11.5 years; metal halide lamps need to be changed twice as often as LimeLight lamps; metal halide lamps typically take twice as long to replace as LimeLight lamps. The bottom line: your savings with LimeLight grow exponentially.

    Reduce your energy bill by 65 percent or more and recover the cost of LimeLight within three years. Benefit from step dimming and instant-on capabilities that allow for light harvesting, motion sensors that reduce light intensity when there is no one present, and review/adjust the system status from anywhere using LimeLight’s web-enabled graphic user interface.

Learn more about Limelight at For additional information, call Richard N. Best Associates at 215.945.9240 or send an email to

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