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At Richard N. Best Associates, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of advancing technologies and the latest products for parking, access and revenue control systems. In Best Ideas, we share our favorite products and equipment innovations. This Best Idea originally appeared in 2012.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Accommodating electric vehicles is quickly becoming an imperative at parking facilities across the nation. Right now, manufacturers are racing to keep pace with intensified demand by releasing new models. Experts estimate that almost one million residential and public charging stations will be required across the U.S. by 2015. To stay competitive, many parking facilities will need to match new expectations from green consumers by providing ample access to electric vehicle recharge stations.

Best Idea: RP 240V Charging Stations

Charging stations from Recharge Power are the perfect choice for providing electric vehicle customers with cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. The 240V stations come equipped with an array of advanced features to ease the experience for both customers and facility managers.

Each charging station offers flexible payment options (parking ticket, subscription, credit card), allowing you to seamlessly integrate your network of charging stations with your existing billing system. If you are using one of the software solutions recommended and installed by Richard N. Best Associates, rest assured that Recharge Power’s equipment easily interfaces with payment systems such as Federal APD’s ScanNet software.

The stations incorporate advanced GPS/mapping applications, enabling customers to instantly locate a charging station and even search availability via smartphone. Each station connects to a cloud computing network, enabling managers to monitor each unit through a web portal that can be accessed from any online connection. Administrators can compile reports on the activity of individual machines or monitor entire networks — even hundreds of charging stations. Multiple communication options (ethernet, wi-fi, or cellular modem) ease integration with your existing network, and a tiered system of authorizations preserves your administrative structure. 

With the choice of wall-mount brackets or precast concrete pedestals, installation is simple. Recharge Power stations are compatible are with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles sold in North America, and achieved the toughest rating for outdoor weather. Furthermore, each unit is protected by a Certified Safety Circuit that automatically cuts power in the event of an unsafe condition, and also restores power once the issue is resolved.

How It Works With Federal APD (ScanNet)

After entering your facility equipped with Federal APD’s ScanNet system, a customer may use their entry ticket to initiate activity at a recharge station. When finished, the Recharge Power unit communicates directly with the central payment system, automatically adding the charging fee to the parking charge. When the customer exits, the system bundles parking and charging fees into a single payment.

Recharge Power offers comprehensive 24/7 support for all clients. Certified installation experts are always prepared to assist with permitting and installation. Remote monitoring enables technicians to effectively assist with software support and updates, payment issues, and other general customer service 24 hours per day.  

Learn more about Recharge Power’s charging stations at For additional information, call Richard N. Best Associates at 215.945.9240 or send an email to


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